November 29, 2016

SMS Solutions and Data Access Apps

Whatever your information and communication needs, we have a solution for you. Whether it is SMS, application development, or data access and collection, we’ve got you covered.

We offer a bulk SMS service across all the networks in order to connect you with your audience in real time.

In addition, we offer data access applications that reduce communication times for improving of service value to customers.

This can be achieved through 2-way SMS, push and pull messaging, mobile application development, web services, among a host of other services. Our solutions cover the whole spectrum of telecom and application development.

Hamwe’s solutions also include application development. We tailor our solutions to our clientele to provide best fit and best feel for the satisfaction of the clientele.

In order to aid in the development process, we

  • Meet with your representatives to understand your requirements
  • Establish the the extent of the solution and give you service options
  • Plan and prototype in order to give you an initial feel of the finished product. This will include finding the right look and feel for your business
  • Iterate through the development process, adding features and functionality as we go along
  • Test and deploy the pilot to identify and eliminate bugs
  • Launch the app, and provide training to the end users of the system
  • Provide support and maintenance of the app in order to ensure a pleasant user experience

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